10 Text Messages to Never Send Your Ex

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going over 10 things to never text your ex, dm 100 percent sure your ex will fall don’t to get you back, you can win her back or may throw her, but the reality is she will beg you. So Here we go with 10 Messages to never text your ex.

Text #1 Never Begging

The first text to never send your ex is the begging text don’t do this to me stop put down the phone step back take that hand grab your testicles make sure they’re still there because there’s nothing that makes it do look more pathetic to a woman who’s just broken up with him like a guy who begs.

Text #2 Never Send Promising Text

10 Text Messages to Never Send Your Ex

The second texts and never send your ex is the promising change text, you do and you have so let it go now a very common situation that happens when somebody breaks up with you you go through a variation of emotions at first it might be pleading begging next it’s this belief and after that, it turns to anger.

You: You didn’t understand I’ve changed
She: since yesterday
You: I now know what I have to lose you.

Text #3 Never Text in Anger

The third text you should never send your ex angry text you’re never done I hate your ass face feels better mmm-hmm because then you’re gonna regress to the fourth text that you shouldn’t send the apologizing for the angry text I’m sorry I was a mess I shouldn’t have said that you’re beautiful I love you take me back.

Text #4 Can We Just Meet and Talk Text

The Fourth text I never send your ex is that can we just meet and talk text if she just sees me and did face to face she’ll change her mind I know right I’ve been there too bro I get it it is in our heads super logical there nothing at this point that is going to change your mind seeing you are just going to make it harder on one person you.

Text #5 The After it’s a too Late Text

the Fifth text you should never send your exes they laying it all out on thereafter it’s too late text uh this is the one that we all are tempted to send after somebody breaks up with us that basically just one more time you need to know how much I care I love me all this fantastic stuff and you’re also probably going to be tempted to take responsibility for everything and guys this is the absolute wrong thing that you should be doing time-space if there was ever a chance of you getting back with old sexy senorita pants pleading to beg to lay it all out there on the line is not going to do it now you need to get yourself right and then in the future probably not going to be right.

Text #6 I’m Doing Amazing Text

These Messages Never Send to Your Ex

You need the move on Six texts you should never send your ex is the I’m doing amazing text you wouldn’t even recognize me I look so amazing, you’ve got to be responsible with your new-found handsomeness you can’t just be dropping it like bombs everywhere on these ladies inevitably she’s not going to be able to resist coming back just to see for herself when you will be missing out on the scores and seas of senoritas that are at your doorstep that will be soon.

Text #7 Let’s Hang out as Friends Texts

The Seven texts you never want to send your ex is the let’s hang out as friends texts come on who you’re talking to me you don’t want to be friends with your ex you want to date your ex you want todo nasty unspeakable things your ex-friends you got enough of them.

Text #8 This Made Me Think of You Texts

The Eight texts you should never send your ex is the this made me think of you texts I just saw a beautiful rainbow and thought of you and last but certainly not least.

Text #9 Pretty Much Any Text

The 9th text and 10th one is Advice: you should never send your ex’s pretty much any text guys deal is there your ex for a reason whether or not you want it they wanted it is over but that’s good for you.

I’ll tell you why because obviously there was something broken in that relationship and you deserve better than that I promise you it hurts its painful you want to reach in and change it and do everything that you can and just plead your case because you’re really an amazing guy and you are unfortunately it wasn’t right with this one but it will be for the next one work on yourself and if all else fails you can make her incredibly jealous remove jealousies a healthy emotion and if you would like to learn How To Make Jealous of Your Ex.

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