4 Best Men’s Eyebrow Grooming Tips 2021

Hello, Today I’m going to teach you to show you what I do to maintain my eyebrows how to groom my eyebrows maybe you can take some of the tips or tricks and apply them to yourself why are we taking care of your eyebrows who cares right hmm-hmm wrong,

we’ve all seen women that have crazy eyebrows that don’t do anything to their eyebrows then pluck them don’t groom them anything yeah not good same thing with guys I see a guy and he’s got humongous crazy bushy overgrown eyebrows I’m like good luck brother anyway I’m not going to be that guy either are you so let’s first start by talking about the full 4 tools that you’re going to need to manage and groom your eyebrows.

Four tools You Need

First tool pretty common Tweezers pair of high-quality tweezers you can get these at any pharmacy or drugstore $5 um no problem right everybody’s got those of you should 

Next thing you’re going to need a pair of Small Scissors if you don’t have real small scissors if you’ve got like barber scissors they’ll work just fine you just don’t want big scissors because you can’t control them that well,

Next thing Fine-Tooth Comb now they do sell eyebrow brushes um you can find them I think if you’ve got a girlfriend she’s probably got one you can go buy your own I just use standard brush little more masculine,

Next thing Pencil or something straight why the pencil will let me explain if I may alright the pencil what’s it for basically this is to find.

4 Best Men's Eyebrow Grooming Tips 2021

Where your Eyebrow Needs to Start and Stop

also if you’re going to put any type of dimension or give your eyebrow a little shape maybe a slight arch in it that’s what the pencil or something straight is used for alright where does your eyebrow need to start on your face take that straight pencil or whatever pen put it on the side of your nose go straight up that’s where your eyebrow needs to start not in here not over here straight up alright simple text where does your eyebrow need to end take that pencil to find the end of your eye keep it next to your nose that’s where your eyebrow needs to end if you’ve got hairs coming down your face you need to take it up,

a little bit alright lastly where are you going to put that arch we’ve all seen guys that or women even that over pluck their eyebrows put too much arch make it too thin it looks ridiculous you’re going to take that pencil put it in the center of your nose find where your iris that little black dot is on your eye run it straight up okay that is where the arch is going to go in your eyebrows simple right no problem so now you know where your eyebrow needs to start-stop and arch.

Tweezing Your Hairs

Now what’s next tweezing so let me get my tweezers alright got your tweezers now the first thing you should attack the center let’s get all those fine little hairs that grow in there all right you need good lighting when you’re doing your eyebrows the best place I find that I get the best lighting is actually in my car but I wouldn’t recommend you know at the stoplight plucking your eyebrows uh-uh you look like a Dumb,

it’s not safe to find a parking space or a parking lot where there aren’t a lot of people around or do it in your bathroom at home just make sure there’s good lighting so you’re going to tweeze any unwanted hair defining where that eyebrow is going to start okay you’re also going to pluck where it needs to end,

then take that eyebrow and clean up underneath your eyes everybody looks closely you’ve got all these little stray fine hairs underneath your eye, okay if nothing else if you don’t want to do a drastic arch-like I have then just clean up those little stray hairs it’s going to give you a crisper cleaner look so I’m going to finish up my plucking and then the next step trimming be right back and I’m back I’ve plucked everything unwanted or stray hairs.

Trimming The Hairs with Scissor

now one thing I Forgot to mention look on the side of your face next to your eyebrows you know a lot of times you’ll get stray hairs that stretch out past the defined eyebrow get those as well but next what we’re going to need that brush I told you about and there are little scissors what you’re going to do now as we age we get crazy long hairs our eyebrows will start to grow you’ll get stragglers that are like an inch long it’s nuts one that I Looked,

I was like oh my god I’m an old man, oh well let’s take care of that get the brush your eyebrow what you’re going to do is against the grain you’re going to lift it, okay you’re going to see their extra-long hairs right there you’re just going to get your little scissors and trim them through that around your eyebrow making sure that your eyebrow has a nice good shape go back through it get some of those long ones yeah this little gross, sorry you asked for it well maybe you didn’t any way you’re going to do that both eyebrows if you want to you, can brush it down also if you see extra long hair like there’s one I’m gonna get that take care of it okay when you’re done brush it over it’s going to look beautiful do that to both eyebrows I’m going to do my other eyebrow and I’ll be right back.

Final Words: Men’s Eyebrow Grooming Tips

we’re all done your eyebrows now look perfect or they here’s a good point your eyebrows don’t need to be exactly symmetrical most people are not somebody called me out and said hey you’ve got crazy on symmetrical eyebrows I said that’s alright brother eyebrows are not supposed to be twins there’s supposed to be brothers they’re supposed to resemble each other but if they’re a little different it’s no big deal most people don’t have eyebrows that grow the same the closer you get to symmetrical the better but obviously, you can’t always do that now when you’re plucking your eyebrows trimming your eyebrows how often should you do it I would suggest once every you know three days take a look in the mirror see if those hairs are starting to grow back if they are getting them,

you won’t have to do as much as you did the first time it’s also a great time when you do your eyebrows trim those nose hairs let’s make sure everything’s coming together not just one thing or the other thing everything together so anyway I hope this wasn’t too gross but I hope you got something out of it if you have any questions please Comment Below.

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